Beat the winter blues

As the temperatures drop this winter, it’s important for you to keep your pipes safe from the cold. See your simple seven step guide to avoid burst pipes this winter. That’s because burst pipes caused by water freezing and expanding account for the majority of escape of water claims we receive every winter.

frozen pipesAs well as the financial cost (which can run into the thousands of pounds) burst pipes can cause considerable disruption to your everyday life.

In severe cases you could need to move out of your home whilst repairs are carried out, and you could also find that your home insurance premium increases as a result of the claim.

To help you avoid this and keep your pipes protected throughout winter, we have produced seven simple steps for you to follow if you’re planning on leaving your home for more than a few days at a time.

  • Keep central heating at a minimum of 12°C (54F)
  • Insulate pipes in your attic and crawl spaces
  • Seal up small gaps in your walls
  • Keep cabinet doors open
  • Lag your loft, water tank and water pipes
  • Leave your loft hatch open
  • Drain your system if you’re away for a long time over winter
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