Motor Fleet Insurance

Our Fleet products provide flexible cover for all your business vehicles under a single convenient policy. We have 25 years experience in providing specialist insurance protection to meet the requirements of motor fleet owners.

Whether it’s your company cars, vans, lorries or any other company vehicle, we’ll make sure you get a straightforward, tailored solution that suits the needs of your business.

Who needs Motor Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance is suitable for anybody who has a number of vehicles. It covers all your vehicles under a single policy. If you have a group of vehicles you are a suitable candidate for the benefits of fleet insurance! This way of insuring multiple vehicles can often work out far cheaper than insuring them on an individual basis and as it is only a single policy, there is only one renewal date to remember.

What does it cover?

Standard Fleet Insurance policies provide cover for any driver aged over the age of 25 with a full UK license held for at least two years, but this can be flexible if need be if younger or newer drivers are required.

  • Comprehensive or third party covers
  • Any driver policies
  • Open driving restrictions
  • Courtesy cars following an incident
  • Legal cover
  • Uninsured loss recovery

motor fleet insurance

If you would like a quote for your motor fleet insurance call a member of our team direct on 01872 572 957 or complete the online enquiry form.