High Value Home Insurance

If you have a high value home then standard buildings and contents insurance is unlikely to fully meet your needs.

We offer high value home insurance policies which guarantee that the contents of your home are adequately insured. We offer protection and peace of mind for your valuables that might not be included in many standard home insurance policies.

Who needs High Value Home Insurance?

If you have items that are particularly valuable – perhaps some jewellery or antiques that have passed through your family – then you need to make sure that your home security and insurance coverage is up to the job. High value home insurance is a must.

What does it cover?

  • Worldwide cover for items temporarily away from home
  • Cover for high value items of fine art, antiques and jewellery
  • No need to list individual valuable items of under £15,000
  • Family protection cover for you and your family
  • Home business cover for furniture and office equipment
  • New for old as standard on all contents
  • Under-insurance buffer of 25%

high value home insurance quote

If you would like a quote for high value home insurance call a member of our team on 01872 572 957 or complete the online enquiry form.