Office Insurance

One of the costs that’s easy to forget about when you first get premises for your business is office insurance. We offer a range of office insurance policies that will give you peace of mind and ensure your premises are fully covered.

Whether you rent or buy premises, office insurance is there to protect you in the event something bad happens that could damage your business.

Why do I need Office Insurance?

Your office insurance policy is there to cover you against the day-to-day risks of operating business premises. These can include catastrophes such as fire, flood and burglary, as well as accidents such as a member of the public tripping over on your premises.

What does it cover?

An office insurance policy can combine a number of different types of cover into one policy such as employer’s liability, public and product liability and professional indemnity. An office insurance policy would include some or all of these types of cover:

  • Contents insurance
  • Glass/windows cover
  • Cash cover
  • Business interruption compensation
  • Debt protection
  • Commercial legal protection
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Computer breakdown cover
  • Terrorism cover

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