Finance Options

We understand the cost of insurance can sometimes be an extra financial burden. We provide a few options to help you spread the cost into manageable payments.

Close Premium Finance

We use the finance provider Close Premium Finance, pioneering providers of premium finance products and services in the UK & Ireland. With over 3,000 brokers currently choosing to work with them, they cover finance for both commercial and personal lines insurance.

We offer 2 payment options with Close Premium Finance:

Finance Option 1:
You pay a 20% deposit and the remaining balance is split over 9 months.

Finance Option 2:
The premium is split over 10 months. This option is only available to existing clients and is dependent on the customer having few or no defaults on previous agreements.

Close Premium Finance charge interest on any loans, get in touch for further details.

Monthly Instalments With Your Insurer

Most insurance companies offer monthly installments on policies. Should you wish to obtain any details on the payments schemes offered by your insurers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Non Payment

If you decide to spread the cost of your insurance and pay by monthly instalments please be aware that any defaults on the monthly payments could affect your insurance and in some cases may result in your insurance being cancelled.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

We can take payments by credit or debit card, face to face or over the phone. Payment by credit card carries a charge of 2.88% on the premium payable. This charge is imposed by the bank, not us.