Tradesman Insurance

We’re here to get you the best deal and widest cover available on your tradesman insurance policy and we’ll make it simple and quick for you to arrange at the same time.

JR Stephens Insurance brokers have been advising tradesman for over 25 years. We have a depth of insurance experience and professional knowledge which is second to none. We will help you choose the right tradesman insurance to protect you and your business.

Why do I need Tradesman Insurance?

Your living could be ruined in a matter of seconds by a simple error. Tradesman insurance policies can protect you. Tradesman insurance is designed to provide you with cover against financial losses arising from situations at work. Whether you come up against a personal injury, legal action or liability issues, a correct tradesman insurance policy should provide you with the protection you need.

What does it cover?

Cover can be tailor made to fit your specific requirements, however some of our more standard tradesman insurance policies cover the following:

tradesman insurance

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