WSPA – Save the Bears update

We were contacted by WSPA and asked if we could help rescue bears that were being used for Bear Baiting, Dog/Bear fights. We started a collection in the office immediately and also started to sell raffle tickets.

chowti the bearWe are very pleased to report that with the generosity of our clients we were able to not only sell all the raffle tickets the WSPA sent us, but we had to order a lot more. Over double the original amount. We have recently received a thank you from the WSPA and the bears for our efforts.

You can find out more about the rescued bears or check to see if you were one of the raffle winners on the WSPA website.

And here’s picture of one of the rescued bears Chowti in her new enclosure. Recently saved from the horrors of bear baiting, Chowti is now living a life of peace and tranquillity at the WSPA-funded Balkasar sanctuary.

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