Save £££’s with a multi car policy

Do you have more than one vehicle you need to insure? With Aviva multi car policies you can insure a second car or private van on the same policy as your first vehicle. Contact us today to find out if you can benefit from the Aviva deal and insure your second vehicle on an Aviva multi car policy.

Here are some of the benefits of the multi car policy:

  • One policy, one renewal, one set of paperwork.
  • Add your second vehicle when it suits you. We can give you a guaranteed quote now even if you’d like to add your second vehicle at a later date.
  • You can choose different levels of cover and excess, for each vehicle.
  • Each driver’s no claim discount is kept separately. So if one driver has an accident, the other driver’s NCD isn’t affected.
  • You only need to review your premiums once a year
  • You could also be eligible for 20% off our car insurance – that’s 10 weeks’ worth of free cover!

Available to new customers who have at least four years’ no claims discount on their existing car insurance policy.

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